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Rent out your space — today!

Rent out your place and help prevent youth and families in need from becoming homelessness! All FLN Partner Organizations agree to provide our tenants and landlords with a minimum level of service.

All FLN Partner Organizations Agree to provide our tenant and landlords with a minimum level of service.

Our goal is to support strong permanent housing connections for former youth in care and young mothers. This is done in collaboration with our partner organizations who are committed to providing monthly support for the tenant.

Landlord Guarantee Fund

Landlords who successfully sign up to be a Friendly Landlord can access the Landlord Guarantee Fund. Should there be any damage or loss of income with a FLN tenant they can apply to recoup their loss from this fund. This fund has been in place for three years with only one claim.


Fill vacancies quickly

Turn around on postings for self contained units are often filled within a week!


Tenancy support

Our Friendly Landlord Coordinator is just a phone call away to help navigate any tenancy items that might arise. 


Be an Ambassador for Change

Know that your unit is part of an important network that is preventing youth in care from becoming homeless. 


Financially-supported tenants

In addition to having a dedicated Support Worker from one of our partnering agencies, many of our young people also receive a subsidy to assist with rent and allows them to access market rentals.


Be part of the solution

As a Friendly Landlord you are part of an innovative housing solution that connects individual citizens with the non-profit sector, recognizing that youth aging out of care deserve a continuum of support well past their 19th birthday.


Access perks and incentives

All of our Friendly Landlords can access the the Landlord Guarantee Fund. In addition EMC Mortgage has partnered with the Friendly Landlord Network to provide our landlords with special mortgage rates. 

Looking for affordable housing?

If you’re 18 or older and a youth or family from government care, sign up to find safe, affordable rental housing from a network of Friendly Landlords.

Our partner organizations

The Friendly Landlord Network partners with a number of organizations that support youth and families from government care to secure housing. Our partners are located throughout the Lower Mainland and Whistler BC.

  • “I understand the difficulties that youth face trying to secure affordable housing in the lower mainland. Having an opportunity to share my house with youth (especially youth in care) means a lot to me. Knowing that I’m contributing to the betterment of my community is also something that I value and see as an important part of being a community member.”

    Brian Robertson (Landlord)

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